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Retired from playing Polo in 2017 Tina has a soft, gentle soul who likes to work with those suffering from Trauma and very little acceptance of themselves. The Lady of the Herd, she will allow you to try what you need to try but if she feels not respected she will walk off, demonstrating that she does not have time for nonsense. Tina will also walk away if she feels like not working that day, or that she believes she is not needed.


An ex-polo pony since 2015 and the boss of the Herd. One the others do not mess with. She has clear boundaries and helps teach them in a soft and nurturing way, but woe betide anyone who doesn’t listen. She loves to be hacked out, groomed and even co-facilitates the sessions by encouraging other horses to step forward. Often mistaken for Cumbia as they look so alike, but whereas Cumbia likes to be with a member of the herd, Chispita is happy being on her own and only joins the herd on her terms. Chispita can be quite vocal in her communication but makes it very clear what she likes and doesn’t like. Though she does like peppermint tea and grapefruit juice bizarrely!


Retired from playing polo in 2017 Cumbia is our cuddle monster of the Herd. While she does not like being groomed on certain areas of her body, she does love to have and give cuddles. You could say she is an attention seeker, and younger in her mentally than her actual years, but she is very easy going and agreeable. Cumbia works well with Tina as a pair, particularly for the Symbolic language and energy work.


Ex race-horse, ex-polo pony and ex-pony club pony. Negra has been and done it all, and while she can show signs of Neuroticism, she is very loving. With us she is in retirement and only gets riden when she shows signs of wanting to go on a hack with the others. Often identified as being a mothering figure, Negra helps those who need nurturing and support, while also encouraging responsibility. However, she is very co-dependent on the Herd (particularly Chispita) and displays signs of Anxiety if left alone.


One of the eldest in the Herd and yet the smallest. CJ has been with the family for 11 years and enjoyed children grooming him and playing with him all the time. He does not like being ridden except by his Mum, and will buck everyone off except for her. He works well with bullies and those who have been bullied as he himself gets bullied at times by some members of the Herd. he likes his own company or that of Chispita, Patagon or Gustavo. CJ is blind in one eye and encourages clients to be aware of how they approach others. To sum him up he is small but mighty; very independent yet nosey - puts his nose in everything!


Prince has a large presence within the Herd and would like to be the Boss but Patagon keeps him in check, while he is the only one Chispita allows near her when she is eating. Prince rarely engages in the work on his own but happily comes along when asked. However, if you are going through an emotional time and having difficulty within the session he will often wander over and stand near you, offering comfort and support. Nevertheless, don’t judge a book by his cover as while he comes across as dopey and plays dumb a lot of the time; he is one of the cleverest members of the Herd and loves his bananas!


Flicka is currently on loan to us at the moment but we are hoping to buy her and have her permanently. The youngest of the established therapy herd she is very black and white in her messages both to the clients, facilitators and to the rest of the Herd. She has a lot of respect for Tina, Prince, and Chispita but very little for Cj and Cumbia. She would like to be the Boss of the herd. Flicka is the sassiest miss and loves to flic her head all over the place with her opinion; she wears very big sassy pants! Oh and she is the biggest flirt of the herd.


Pat is the gentle giant of the herd, and the eldest with Cj. He is the besets, kindest most emotionally switched on horse. A human in a horses guise. Pat will allow the client to try their best and offer encouragement if they are being congruent; if they are not being honest or owning what is going on for them he will not play ball. Pat often goes away with his Mum to another site and is sorely missed when he does. He is great at boundary work, a journey through the clients life, and one to one work in the Arena. He loves a cheese sandwich and chocolate of all things.


A 10 year old cuddle monster with a lot of love to give. Basil is great at energy work and helping the individual recognise what works for them and what doesn't.


A cheeky 8 year old monkey who likes to play, the only thing bigger than his curiosity is his kindness. Ted is great at helping others recognise the impact size can have on others, as well as presence and how you can have a non threatening energy about you but still get your point across.

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